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School Desks in sub Saharan Africa

A Writing Surface and Literacy

Kommunity Desk in Action

Impact Results

Once a child knows how to write they can switch more of their focus towards the content of their writing rather than the mechanical act of writing. This is referred to as automaticity of writing. If a child fails to develop automaticity, not only will the quality of their work be worse, but they are also likely to be slower, fall behind on their academic work and have low self-esteem and behavioural issues as a consequence.

Having established that a writing surface plays a significant role in the quality of a child’s education it is important to consider the African context. Across the continent many students are learning whilst seating outside, under a tree or in overcrowded classrooms where there isn’t enough space for traditional desks.

This highlights the need for an alternative option. In addition, long term academic research suggests that different activities suit different classroom layouts. Flexibility to move children around can improve academic achievement.

A Kommunity Desk provides this flexibility, since a child can use it whether they are sitting on the ground or on a chair, and they can quickly and efficiently pick it up and move to a different position in the classroom as the teacher requires.

Finally, a fundamental part of a child’s education is homework, where a child has the opportunity to practice what they have been taught during their lessons or prepare for the next day. Therefore, when ensuring that children have the necessary educational infrastructure, the need for a writing surface in the child’s home must also be considered. Typically, our experience indicates that a lack of infrastructure at school is mirrored at home.


Kommunity Desk is provided with the sanction of relevant education authorities where we conduct our work, and our clients are able to have their key messaging requirements imprinted onto one side of their sponsored Kommunity Desk, which in turn acts as a mobile billboard and ensures that the extended community is exposed to the imprinted messaging on an ongoing basis.


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