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Kommunity Career Handbook

Our Youth: Constructing the Future

The Kommunity Career Handbook and Yes I Can! Programmes offer the opportunity to start at an early age in addressing skills shortages through empowering our youth with vital knowledge and skills.

The practical steps of our programme are designed to offer learners a self-guided journey, without the requirement or need for adult intervention.

The goal of our work is to ensure the future economic participation of school leavers through:

Effective subject choices aligned to interests (Grade 9)

Effective career and study choices aligned to interests and subjects (Grade 12)

Our view is that in constructing the platform of a successful future for our youth, and skills development at an early stage, there are two vital elements that need to be addressed:

Purpose, and


The combined Yes I Can! and Kommunity Career Handbook intervention addresses these two elements through:


o Requiring self worth (the belief that the individual counts)

Facilitated by Yes I Can!


o  Requiring the insight into what is available to our youth (the options available to study further or work)

Facilitated by the Kommunity Career Handbook


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