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Iziwasha: Before and After


In South Africa, the target audience for IziWasha is constituted of almost 9 million households. Women in these communities spend hours every week washing their families’ clothes by hand. These households are concentrated in low to mid- income communities in emerging markets.

Hand-washing not only takes up valuable time and energy, but also causes back ache, skin conditions such as eczema, pigmentation and psoriasis, as well as leading to arthritis in many instances.

Automated washing machines are too expensive for women in the BOP market segment, many of whom do not even have electricity or running water.

IziWasha’s mission is to improve the lives of these women by providing a simple, affordable and sustainable manual washing device, designed to make washing simple. IziWasha is a low-cost, handheld, manual washing device which has been endorsed by the United Nations, is easy-to-use and environmentally friendly.

Engineer-designed and patent, trademark and copyright protected, the product delivers efficiency similar to an automatic washing machine for a fraction of the price


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