Literacy is defined as the ability to read and write. The  ability to read only does not equate to literacy. Functional literacy development is almost impossible to achieve without the availability of an effective writing surface.

Almost 3 million South African and approximately 95 million African children do not yet have a classroom desk to work at when attending school.

The Kommunity Desk Company, a division of Kommunity Education, offers children a safe, award winning proven, portable product which immediately addresses the prevailing challenge of classroom desk shortages.

In South Africa, almost 9 million households wash clothing and other fabrics by hand daily.

Globally, an estimated 5 billion people do not have access to a washing machine. The household laundry chore is almost exclusively always the responsibility of the women in the household Unfortunately hand washing not only takes up valuable time and energy, but also causes back ache, skin conditions such as eczema, pigmentation and psoriasis, as well as leading to arthritis in many instances.

Iziwasha addresses the issue of hand washing and it’s negative side-effects and implications by providing affected women with a cheap, highly durable and highly effective product

What’s needed for Youth in South Africa?

Offering our youth a window into their own future, and the possibilities that exist for them, requires a simple process of getting back to basics. For any human being, dignity, pride and a sense of purpose are the starting points for a successful future. Our youth are no different.

The Kommunity Career Handbook and Yes I Can! Programmes offer the opportunity to start at an early age in addressing skills shortages through empowering our youth with vital knowledge and skills. The practical steps of our programmes are designed to offer learners a self-guided journey, without the requirement or need for constant adult intervention.

Kommunity Integrator© brings our clients products and services directly to targeted communities.

As the operational arm of Kommunity Group Projects, Kommunity Integrator has more than 7 years experience in the integration of products and services into communities, including infrastructure and solutions.

To date we have conducted more than 3,500 school and community interventions , and Kommunity Integrator offers our supporters the benefit of our vast field operations experience within the youth market segment: for research, programme launches and new product or brand launch initiatives, relative to client brief and budget requirements.

Kommunity Integrator offers services nationally to our clients in Urban, Peri-urban and Rural communities, as well as train-the-trainer services for our partner organisations.

Company Overview:

Kommunity Group Projects (‘KGP’) is a local and internationally recognised, Proudly South African social development and upliftment specialist organisation.

What benefits does KGP provide society?

KGP’s products and services are tailored to meet immediate social development challenges, immediately improving the lives and daily living experience of our beneficiaries whilst also contributing to their long term development.

What is our operating structure?

We are structured as a for-profit social enterprise (ie. a company) as opposed to an NGO.

We have purposely chosen this structure as it is has been proven that, as a for-profit, we benefit the national economy to a greater extent than an NGO structure ie. through the provision of company and statutory taxes and so on.

Why does KGP exist?

To empower the most disadvantaged people in society at the bottom of the economic ladder by providing them, free of charge, with our unique, proprietary range of products and services which are purposely designed and provided with the sole purpose of improving and uplifting their daily living experience.

KGP specialises in low-tech technology provision also known as ‘relevant technology’ – and provides critically needed, social development support to the following beneficiaries, ranging from bottom-of-the-pyramid (‘BOP’) through to LSM 7 beneficiaries:

Youth at school

Youth at tertiary institutions

BOP Youth out of school

Teachers / Educators

BOP women

BOP communities

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