We engage with corporations, development agencies, NGO’s and philanthropists (our sponsors) with our products and services as a strategic development solution for our target market.

Sponsored products and services to selected BOP beneficiaries are provided free of charge.

KGP assists with national social development in the areas of education, early skills development and community development - and ultimately economic growth.

Through the provision of our unique and proprietary product range and related services, we assist in the short, medium and long term in achieving results in these sectors, with strong alignment to key objectives.

Our sponsors are able to address

needs in a once-off spend.

In collaboration with our clients, we

empower people to empower


For Corporations:

Born from a deep understanding of the many, daily challenges faced by BOP constituents across Sub-Saharan Africa, Kommunity Group Projects provides the link between your organisation and emerging markets by providing beneficiaries with KGP products and services on your behalf and, branded with your brand or corporate identity and message.

Markets consist of human beings and companies are networked person to person. It is vital, for a company trading in communities, to be part of those communities. Customers across all sectors and economic brackets are increasingly migrating to providers who demonstrate responsibility and investment into the demographics they trade with. This trend is a global phenomenon and is supported by the emergence and rapid growth of multi-national, socially responsible business models.

The basis for KGP’s operations and solutions is the necessary migration towards a more responsible and sustainable trading and engagement model required by our clients. KGP is uniquely positioned to empower our clients to engage emerging markets en masse with socially responsible and relevant products and services.

Whether assisting literacy development, the school learning experience, building a skills pool or just making life easier, KGP empowers our clients to achieve a deep and extremely positive level of market engagement in a model which ensures that client investment is immediately tangible, measurable and high impact while generates goodwill.

For Donor and Aid Organisations:

Four of the key pillars of Aid and development provision in poor and developing countries are:





Kommunity Group Projects assists in the realms of education and health, and ultimately economic growth, through supporting the development of a literate and HIV-free populous. Through our unique and proprietary product range and services, we assist in the short, medium and long term in achieving results in these sectors, with strong alignment to the Millennium Development Goals.

Measurability of programme investment as well as social impact are significant factors in the decision making process of aid and donor organisations.

In addition to our current bona fides, which clearly indicate both our competency and relevance as regards social development and impact, we have spent almost a decade learning about our beneficiary constituents and developing relevant products and solutions for them, all of which are highly measurable and which address key social challenges which BOP constituents need to deal with on a daily basis.

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Our solutions are tailor made meeting immediate needs with sustainable solutions. In education, health, skills and social development, we take the view that prevention is better than cure, and provide solutions accordingly.

As an original equipment manufacturer and IP holder, Kommunity Group Projects offers solutions from the source, from design to manufacture, delivery and integration.

Why are we needed?

In developing nations, such as South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, many of the key social challenges are universal - our operating model is designed to create unique, high impact solutions to these challenges.

Our focus is singular in providing proprietary products and services that address our BOP beneficiaries’ requirements directly and effectively, and which in turn contribute to immediately and irrevocably improving the standard of the daily living experience of our beneficiaries.

Relevant technology in the KGP context can best be explained as ‘providing the correct product or service to the BOP beneficiary, in order to ensure that there is an immediate and sustainable reduction in a current, key social challenge facing the BOP beneficiary and measurable, tangible and incremental improvements made possible as a result of the introduction of the KGP product or service’.

Relevant technology forms the cornerstone of KGP’s product and services base.

Relevant Technology:

Research and Development:

Research and development is an ongoing part of what we do, and we utilise hi-tech innovation processes to create robust, unique and highly relevant products and solutions that immediately address specific and immediate needs of developing countries, with an initial focus on Sub-Saharan Africa, and all of which are developed and produced in South Africa.


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